Price list and plans

Starter $ call
  • 5 maps
  • 3 GB storage
  • 100K map views
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Standard $ call
  • 10 maps
  • 5 GB storage
  • 500K map views
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Business $ call

A plan tailored to your needs

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  Starter Standard Business
Desktop & Mobile
Studio - managing maps and data (PL, EN)
Language versions of the map: PL, EN, CZ, SK, RU, UK, LT, DE, FR
Style editor
Map styles (general, light, dark)
Advanced data styling
Cartograms, Bubble Maps, Heatmaps, 3D Maps
Link to the map, QR code
Embedding the map
Facebook, VK, Twitter, LinkedIn
Map and layers panel, legend
Places search engine
Enable/Disable layer
Layer swipe
Vector data: CSV, SHP, GPX, GeoJson
Raster data: on request
SSL certificate
Public maps
Password protected maps
Your logo on the map
Commercial license
Question and Answers

What is MAPLI?

MAPLI is a cloud service in the form of remote access to software (SaaS). The MAPLI app includes an intuitive interface and several ready-made tools for quickly publishing maps.

Can I try the MAPLI account for free?

Contact Us to access your free demo account. Discover all the features and increase your advantage with MAPLI.

What is the map view?

One Map view is an average of 4 requests for vector tiles of the base map. The usage statistics for map views are presented in the user accounts panel.

How long is the billing period?

MAPLI is a paid subscription service, paid monthly. The billing period lasts 30 calendar days.

What is the difference between a standard and a commercial license?

The standard license allows the use of MAPLI in free and public services and applications. A commercial license enables the use of MAPLI in paid or requiring login services and applications.

Can I order the performance of maps and spatial analysis?

Yes. As part of our business, we offer consulting, data preparation, spatial analysis, and map publishing services. We are happy to help your business.

How does the map creation process look like?

Publication of maps in MAPLI is simple and fast. Just after logging upload your data, create a new map, set the style for your data, enable the tools, and finally publish the map. More information in HELP.

What does BETA mean for a feature?

We are successively providing new functionalities in MAPLI. New features are marked as BETA -Means this they are in the testing phase and can be used but we do not guarantee their 100% performance.

Have more questions?

We will be happy to answer questions - Contact Us